Pride ( Satin )

As rich in color as the name would suggest. Pride uses a warm full bodied rose coral to make a radiant statement of self respect and individuality.

Gender Fluid lipsticks are a luxurious moisturizing lipstick. Hyaluronic acid keeps to keep lips full by attracting and holding up to 1,800x it's own weight in water. This fills in space between collagen & elastin fibers. It has Shea butter to moisturize with Avacado and Jojoba Oils to condition. Vitamins A, C and E work protect the lips from free radical damage with antioxidant benefits. The rich pigments offer a smooth build-able coverage that has the moisture of a gloss with the longevity of a stain. Gender fluid lipsticks are not tested on animals and are paraben free. The shade names are meant to inspire the wearer to experience of self respect, individuality and living a proud authentic life.

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